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Bug#881339: let's find a solution

babel-preset-env is an essential component of babel:

babel is a sort of "compiler" that translates from bleeding-edge javascript
to older, more widespread standard versions (such as the javascript that
runs in a browser).
It's a very successful project at the moment, see for example:
It is written in javascript itself so it makes sense that it must
be bootstrapped like gcc.

For sure the javascript ecosystem culture is different from debian's, and
that ecosystem is just starting to stabilize. Bur there is already a lot
of valuable open-source stuff in there.

Such as a number of server-oriented tools that it would be nice to have in
- etherpad-lite (ITP: https://bugs.debian.org/576998)
- gitlab
- gitea
- buildbot 0.9.x (if we want to keep the web client)
- ...
- <put your own here>

Also if only debian were kind enough with front-end developers to provide
the tools they need, there is potential to attract quite a few new debian
(and derivatives) desktop users.

What matters most now is to get the tooling required to package stuff.

So please let's find a way to get babel-preset-env in.


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