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Re: Let's Stop Getting Torn Apart by Disagreement: Concerns about the Technical Committee

>     Steve> Better skills for handling interpersonal conflict can
> never
>     Steve> be a bad thing.  However, the Technical Committee exists
> as a
>     Steve> decision-making body of last resort, when consensus is not
>     Steve> possible (because two parties have incompatible goals, or
>     Steve> because discussion is not converging on agreement fast
> enough
>     Steve> to matter).
> I think that Debian does need a decision making body of last resort.
> I personally think these communication skills are critical for such a
> body.

I agree. We do need a final decision body.

I was thinking it might help if the TC process helped the people
involved in the issue had a better chance of feeling like their
positions were understood and that hopefully increases the chance they
believe the final decision was fair.

But mostly I was hoping that sharing & discussing conflict resolution
techniques would help us avoid needing to send issues to the TC.


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