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Bug#865929: Advice on dealing with GRUB upgrade failure caused by init-select

Hi Colin,

Just in case it's not already clear from the replies you have received
so far, there is a consensus amongst the members of the TC that you
should do as you suggest -- this was reflected in our recent meeting:


That being the case, I think you should just get on with fixing it,
rather than awaiting a resolution from us.  (of course if other TC
members have some objection to this suggestion, please say so).

I see no reason for you to waiting for the outcome of a discussion
about whether we need to change policy, or give you an exception to
policy, or simply say that there's nothing going on in violation of

Also, if you were to come across any additional wrinkles in the course
of fixing this, you can mention them so that we can make sure that
whatever we resolve ensures that you are able to do whatever is needed
(or perhaps suggest alternative approaches).

BTW I'd like to thank you for the clarity with which you laid out the
problem for us -- I'm sure the rest of the TC appreciate that too.

Cheers, Phil.
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