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Bug#862051: Allow nodejs to provide /usr/bin/node (draft resolution)

Tollef Fog Heen writes ("Re: Bug#862051: Allow nodejs to provide /usr/bin/node (draft resolution)"):
> > Tollef Fog Heen writes ("Bug#862051: Allow nodejs to provide /usr/bin/node (draft resolution)"):
> > > 1. The CTTE decision from 2012-07-12 in bug #614907 is repealed.
> > > 
> > > This means Debian's normal policies and practices take over and the
> > > nodejs package is free to provide /usr/bin/node.  The migration should
> > > be managed according to Debian's usual backwards-compatibility
> > > arrangements.
> > 
> > Can you please say that /usr/bin/nodejs should remain indefinitely.
> > Otherwise someone may get it into their head to get rid of it.
> I think that's covered under the last sentence and don't think we should
> add any extra restrictions on nodejs.

I think a natural reading of "Debian's usual backwards-compatibility
arrangements" applied to /usr/bin/nodejs would arguably involve
keeping it only for a realease or two.  But in fact, there is no
reason to ever delete it (except for punishment purposes, as I discuss

But I guess I will take that message as a promise of your support if
my fears come to pass.


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