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Bug#836127: Call for Votes for new CTTE Member

> ===BEGIN
> The Technical Committee recommends that David Bremner <bremner> be
> appointed by the Debian Project Leader to the Technical Committee.
> A: Recommend to Appoint David Bremner <bremner>
> B: Further Discussion
> ===END

I vote B > A

My vote is not a comment on any specific candidate.
As I've examined this process, I've grown increasingly  uncomfortable
with it.
One thing worked better this year than any year I've previously been
involved in: the TC got a larger pool of nominees to choose from.
Unfortunately, for me, that underscored some deeper problems in the

* For the most part, the TC is choosing based on name recognition.
  Private discussion within the TC suggested this is how some members
  were making their decisions.  That's not an approach that lends itself
  to increasing diversity or to building the best organization.

* The TC doesn't have information (and doesn't seem to know how to get
  information) to do better than name recognition plus a brief search of
  contributors.debian.org.  I don't know how to solve this.

* The TC takes too long.  The time from when people are nominated to
  when the election results come out is enough to sap the joy and
  interest from potential candidates.
  People join the TC burned out.
  It goes down hill from there.

I look forward to serving with David, and if anything this year's
process may be slightly better than previous years.
That said, I just couldn't bring myself to affirmatively support this
I am not trying to block the process.  If this were a consensus action
not a vote, my approach would be to "stand aside," rather than to
"block" or "be part of the consensus."

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