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Re: No TC Chair election yet

Dear TC,

Le mercredi, 4 janvier 2017, 11.17:47 h CEST Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a écrit :
> We have this in our procedures:
> > Re-appointment of chair after membership change
> > 
> > When new members are appointed to the CTTE or within three months of a
> > member resigning from the CTTE, the current chairperson should
> > announce their intention to vacate the position within two weeks.
> We have had two TC term expiries 4 days ago, the three-month timer has
> therefore now started. As I hope we can finish the new members' appointment
> procedure in this time, and as the procedure will trigger a new chair
> appointment anyway when the two new members are appointed, I am _not_
> announcing vacation of the chair position now. The intention here is to
> spare some energy for the new member's appointment,

Given that the three months period has now passed, and in the spirit of 
sticking to existing procedures, I'm hereby announcing my intention to vacate 
the TC chair position within two weeks, effective by April 14.

Note that I am interested and willing to continue to serve in that position 


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