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Bug#846002: Call for votes on resolution for #846002 (blends-tasks)

> ==== RESOLUTION ====
> Background
> The blends-tasks package was uploaded in April 2016 setting its priority to
> important.  The result of this change was that the package started getting
> automatically installed by debootstrap, with the intended effect of causing the
> list of tasks shipped by the package to be displayed by tasksel in the
> debian-installer.
> Even though the debian-installer maintainer complained in May 2016 that he did
> not agree with this approach with regards to including external packages in the
> default tasksel screen, the important priority remains until today.
> In December 2016, changes were made in the tasksel package so that it no longer
> automatically displays external tasks as part of the debian-installer.
> The current state is that chroots created by debootstrap in unstable or testing
> include the blends-tasks package, although the shipped tasks are not getting
> displayed during the default installation.
> In #846002, the Technical Committee was asked by Holger Levsen to rule on the
> priority of the blends-tasks package.  In the discussion that followed, the
> Committee was asked by Ole Streicher to additionally rule on whether the Blends
> selection should be part of the Debian Stretch installer and who should maintain
> the list of options displayed to the user in the future.
> Using the power of the Technical Committee to make a decision when asked to do
> so (§6.1.3):
> 1. We acknowledge that the decision of which tasks to display during
> installation falls within the jurisdiction of the debian-installer maintainers.
> 2. In the Committee's opinion the use of important priority is not appropriate
> for the blends-tasks package according to the definition in the Debian policy
> (§2.5).  As it was set only as a means to an end, and since it no longer does
> what was intended, we recommend that this change gets reverted.
> 3. We encourage the debian-installer maintainers to work together with other
> teams -including the blends-tasks maintainers- to provide useful and popular
> package selections through the debian-installer in future releases.
> Please vote [A] for acknowledging that this is under the jurisdiction of the
> debian-installer maintainers, and [FD] for Further Discussion.

I vote A > FD


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