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Bug#850887: [TIMELY for TC members] Interim Ballot Proposal: #850887 binutils mips

Sam Hartman writes ("Bug#850887: [TIMELY for TC members] Interim Ballot Proposal: #850887 binutils mips"):
> [stuff]

Thanks for pushing this issue, for your IMO correct approach to the
process, and for your clear and straightforward communication.

> ----------------------------------------
> In #850887, the Debian Technical Committee was asked to choose a
> solution for #840227, a bug that prevents a significant number of
> packages from building on the mips architecture.  Given the upcoming
> Stretch freeze, this issue is urgent.
> As an interim measure, using its powers under section 6.1.4 of the
> Debian Constitution, the Technical Committee overrules Matthias
> Klose's decision to revert the NMU of binutils fixing #840227.  The
> committee requests Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer to make a new
> NMU fixing #840227.

You should explicitly state whether you want this NMU to be DELAYED.


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