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Bug#835507: Please clarify that sysvinit support decision is not going to expire

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Schouten <list@xenhideout.nl> writes:

    >> I agree on this too.  To the extent it should be considered
    >> time-limited, it should be «until N releases after sysvinit is
    >> removed» or somesuch, if that happens.

    Bart> In legal terms, in law, it would be considered that the burden
    Bart> of proof lies with those who want to remove it.

    Bart> Asking the supporters of those scripts to prove that they
    Bart> still need them would be considered an unreasonable burden.

I'm nervous of going too far down the path of legalisms.

Asking those who need the scripts to prove (or even say) they still need
them is not what we want.

However if someone is having difficulty maintaining the scripts or they
are broken, it is reasonable for them to ask for help, and if no one
steps forward, eventually the scripts will become buggy enough that the
normal severity bug of a package without an init script is better than
the state of a package with a broken init script.

Similarly, if the community of people who care about sysvinit  is
unwilling to spend the time keeping it working, eventually sysvinit as a
whole will be unmaintained and buggy.

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