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Bug#835507: server works, some desktop functions don't

> quick question for you because you might know the answer off the top of
> your head.  Does running stretch with sysvinit as your init system work
> reasonably well

As for server uses, everything I know about works as good or better as with
systemd (you get to avoid a number of bugs with mounting RAID, etc).  It's
not as good with desktop environments, though, at least for functions
managed by consolekit/logind.  That is, GUI controls for
shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate[1], mounting removable media, etc, tend
to not work.  It's a bit weird, though, as some of this works on _some_
installs, I haven't figured out why (mostly because of not trying).

Not as relevant for us Linux users, but kfreebsd suffers from the same
regressions (despite using consolekit rather than systemd-shim).

At the time of the Great Systemd Flamewar I for one took my toys and
maintained a private fork of affected packages (at http://angband.pl/debian
nosystemd-{jessie,stretch}), these have been taken by at least a couple of
minor derivatives.  I don't think this is a good idea in the long term, so
it would be nice to think of a solution inside Debian.

But aside of issues related to logind in GUIs, sysvinit works just fine.

[1]. Even when low-level programs like pm-utils work correctly.
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