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Re: Bug#830344: How should the TC help with a project roadmap?

]] Philip Hands 

> The "Let me help you do what you want team":
>   That encapsulates what I think might be worthwhile out of this idea.
>   It emphasises letting people do things if they happen to feel the urge.
> So, the problem I see with getting the TC involved with this is process
> is that it emphasises the aspect of somehow seeking permission before
> proceeding.

Yeah, I agree we don't want that, but if you want to add extra
legitimacy to a project, you can get it onto the roadmap.  I don't think
it should be a necessary step.

> We don't really have a shortage of ideas in Debian, but we do have a
> shortage of effort to implement them.  If we can make it easier for
> people to go ahead and explore their idea for improving Debian, that's
> great.  If we can also help them avoid pitfalls, and help them promote
> their effort to get more people to help them, even better.

Yeah, as well as giving people help convincing others, both in terms of
time, but also for newer people in the project, it might be hard or
scary to approach some other teams.  Having a sponsor or guide of some
sort might be useful in those cases.

> In fact, if someone wants to do something obviously stupid, perhaps the
> only way for them to be persuaded to give up is to let them try.  Having
> the TC (or anyone else) decide that the idea has no merit might well
> lead to endless bickering about how there's a conspiracy to suppress
> their genius.
> The TC seems like it is far too likely to act as a brake on development
> if people are encouraged to seek its approval.  I don't think we should be
> involved (except of course as individuals on the other team, as we wish).

One thing I don't think we're in complete agreement about is which
problem we're trying to solve with the roadmap.  Is it to gather
enthusiasm?  Is it to steer Debian better?  Is it to communicate to
commercial partners like HPE?  Something else?  I think we need to agree
on that before we try to agree on the mechanism to achieve it.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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