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Bug#830344: How should the TC help with a project roadmap?

I'm not really advocating that the TC would be a very good help promote
your ideas team.
However, I'm struck by the following even if I don't entirely know what
to make of it.

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

    Ian>  * To be accessible and approachable, and not judgemental.

    Ian>  * To have the communication and technical skills to help
    Ian> someone with an idea produce clear and cogent explanations.

    Ian>  * To have high status and high visibility, so that when they
    Ian> introduce someone driving a project to stakeholders, they get
    Ian> airtime.

    Ian>  * Ideally to contain people with few enemies.

    Ian>  * To be dynamic and novelty-oriented.

I'll note that with the exception of the last bullet point, that's
fairly close to what I'd hope to see out of a TC.
The last bullet point may well be important in this context.

Yes, sometimes the TC will need to make judgments, but I think that to
do its job and actually collect information, it needs to be perceived as
non-judgmental in the sense you mean above.

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