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Next Debian CTTE Meeting is at date -d 'Tue May 31 17:00:00 UTC 2016'

Dear all,

The next Debian CTTE Meeting will happen at

	date -d 'Tue May 31 17:00:00 UTC 2016'
	in #debian-ctte on irc.debian.org

The meetings.ics file was updated accordingly.

The current agenda is below; please make any changes necessary in git.

  #topic Check-in round
  #topic Next Meeting?
    * June meeting
         Option B "Tuesday 17:00 UTC (June 28th)"
         Option M "Thursday 18:00 UTC (June 30th)"
  #topic 766708 Cross toolchain packages in Debian
     1. fil to report on his progress
     2. Discussion
     3. Next action points.
  #topic Additional Business
  #topic Check-out round


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