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Bug#802159: Bug#765639: Bug#802159: New OpenSSL upstream version

On Thu, 2015-12-17 at 23:38 +0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> However 1.0.1q hasn't been in stable at all, which is presumably what
> you'd be proposing introducing to oldstable at this juncture. (and which
> we'd therefore need to introduce to stable first, if we were to agree to
> follow that path.)

Picking this up again (I hadn't realised the above was so many weeks
ago :-|), updating OpenSSL in Wheezy to anything newer than 1.0.1k
really needs a newer upstream version to be in Jessie first. We also
likely only have two opportunities to get a package in to "Wheezy
proper" before it moves to LTS status - likely a point release in March
and then a "mop up" after the EOL of the base suite.

> Admittedly, the description of the changes between 1.0.1k and 1.0.1q,
> according to NEWS/CHANGES don't immediately look crazy.

Comparing those against the package changelog and Security Tracker and
ignoring changes which are apparently only relevant if SSLv2 is enabled
leaves us with:

  *) dhparam: generate 2048-bit parameters by default.
     [Kurt Roeckx and Emilia Kasper]

  *) Rewrite EVP_DecodeUpdate (base64 decoding) to fix several bugs.
     This changes the decoding behaviour for some invalid messages,
     though the change is mostly in the more lenient direction, and
     legacy behaviour is preserved as much as possible.
     [Emilia Käsper]

  *) In DSA_generate_parameters_ex, if the provided seed is too short,
     return an error
     [Rich Salz and Ismo Puustinen <ismo.puustinen@intel.com>]

  *) Build fixes for the Windows and OpenVMS platforms
     [Matt Caswell and Richard Levitte]

The last of those is obviously irrelevant. Have there been any reports
of issues related to the other fixes listed?



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