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Re: Bug#741573: CFV: Debian Menu Systems

]] Sam Hartman

(Not signed, since I'm travelling and away from my GPG key.)

> In preparing this CFV, I have made one change to option D: I replaced
> encouage with encourage because I believe that fixes a typo.
> I'd like to call for votes on the following resolution:

I vote


Similarly to Sam, I'm not entirely happy about forcing a sharp
transition.  However, I think the menu side is already buggy in that we
have menu files that are not kept up to date with their corresponding
.desktop files, so this just shifts the bugginess around, it doesn't
actually create much more bugginess.  And, again to echo Sam, if we're
wrong, debian-policy are able to adjust the course if they think that's

Tollef Fog Heen
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