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Bug#741573: CFV: Debian Menu Systems

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

    Sam> In preparing this CFV, I have made one change to option D: I
    Sam> replaced encouage with encourage because I believe that fixes a
    Sam> typo.

    Sam> I'd like to call for votes on the following resolution:

On the menu system resolution, I vote:


That was a tough decision.  It's unusual that we choose to adopt such a
sharp transition strategy and make one side of an interface buggy before
the other side is ready.  However, I believe that stretch will be a
better release if we don't have some programs consuming traditional menu
files and others consuming desktop files.  I believe that in this
instance if people are not willing to step up to do the work, then we'd
be better off moving forward removing traditional menu entries from
packages that also provide .desktop entries.  However, if we're wrong,
we leave debian-policy the option to adjust things and adopt a more
gradual plan should they desire.

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