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Bug#741573: Proposed draft of ballot to resolve menu/desktop question

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> I ask you to retain the following two paragraphs that explain why we
> prefer option D should we adopt this:
>    The Technical Committee has reviewed the underlying technical
>    issues around this question and has resolved that Debian will be
>    best served by migrating away from our own Debian Menu System and
>    towards the common Freedesktop Desktop Entry Specification, and
>    that menu information for applications should not be duplicated in
>    two different formats.
>    To encourage this change, we make menu files optional, ask that
>    packages include .desktop files as appropriate and prohibit
>    packages from providing both menu and .desktop files for the same
>    application.

Yes, we would want that as part of any published decision. Thanks for
the clarification.

Do you think the reworded version is easier to understand in the context
of the overall process? That was my major concern here.


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