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CTTE Meeting in ~ 5 hours (19h UTC)

Hi all,

Short reminder: we have our next IRC CTTE Meeting at

	date -d 'Wed Aug 26 19:00:00 UTC 2015'

… which is in 5h15.

I've pushed an updated agenda to the repository, here it comes too:

1. Who is here
2. Next Meeting
3. #741573 On menu systems
4. #771070 Coordinate plan and requirements for cross toolchain packages
   in Debian
5. Constitutional change proposals
5.1. #636783 Constitution: super-majority bug
5.2. #795854 Constitutional Amendment: Fix duplicate section numbering 
5.3. #795855 Formal cloture vote
5.4. #795857 TC chair appointment
5.5. #795859 Permit TC to hold private conversations
6. Additional Business


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