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Re: More women in key positions ?

Mehdi DOGGUY <mehdi@dogguy.org> writes:

> Le 31 mars 2015 02:49, bjf092@gmail.com a écrit :
>> After explaining we have an impressive ratio of female to male
>> participants in the Debian project as a whole (not just technical),
>> your suggestion is to get more women involved generally with Debian
>> (still not technically)?  
> No. At all. It would be great to have more female contributors
> involved, and it would be even nicer to have them contributing on
> technical aspects of the project.

There is an important point here, that I think deserves more discussion.

When we look at the TC and ponder the lack of female members, we need to
ask at least *two* questions, not just one.

The obvious question is why we haven't had more nominations from the
existing set of female contributors to the project.  That's a valid
question, and the fact that I can only remember *one* such nomination
during my decade-plus tenure on the committee is, in hindsight, a bit
frustrating.  But it's attacking a symptom, not a cause.

The more important question for the future of Debian is why don't we
have more strong technical contributors in the project who happen to
also identify themselves as female?

There are a number of initiatives in the larger open source community
trying to address gender issues.  I would like to hear from each

    - do you know of these efforts?
    - what are your thoughts are on each of them that you know?
    - what should Debian's relationship to / involvement with them be?
    - what can / should Debian uniquely do in this area?


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