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Re: bastardizing packages or stepping down

>However, I still really want to understand that unknown reason
>why all this happened, why it is so difficult to accept a
>working package than to do more bastardizing work, why it is
>smart to reject good stuff and to do absolutely unnecessary work
>(double work with maintaining 2 version and applying patches
>wchich aren't needed for debian as a whole, not only for jessie).
>This is the reason I'm Cc'ing ctte@, but without much hope really,
>due to already mentioned reason.

So, you're involving the TC because you're hoping to better understand
why your unblock was not approved?

How are you hoping the TC can help?  Here are some options I see:

* Some folks on the TC are fairly goodat release engineering and have
  been involved in this either in Debian, for other projects or for
  other distributions.
We could look over the situation and try to help you understand why
  someone might decide not to approve those unblocks.  Since we weren't
  the one acting on the request we can give you an understanding of why
  someone might think that way, but not why they did.

* Alternatively you could be asking for help engaging with the release
  team and Cyril to explain the actual reasoning involved.

Or perhaps you're asking for something else.

Thanks for helping me understand what you're hoping the TC can provide.

Sam, who is not currently on the TC, but seems headed in that direction
when paperwork clears.

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