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Bug#762194: Initial draft of affirming transition to systemd as default for #762194

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 01:56:41PM -0800, Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Jan 2015, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > I believe this covers everything I was concerned about, no further edits
> > warranted from my side.  I'm happy for this to be called to a vote if you
> > are.

> I call for a vote on the following resolution to 762194:

> ==BEGIN==
> In #762194, the Technical Committee was asked to consider the
> transition plan of the init package maintainers to have both new
> installs and upgrades use systemd by default.
> 1. The CTTE determined in #727708 that systemd should be the default
>    init system in Debian. 
> 2. In https://lists.debian.org/87mwc9gfsw.fsf@xoog.err.no, the
>    maintainers of the init package announced their transition plan for
>    migrating to systemd as the default init system on both installs
>    and new upgrades.
> 3. The init package (and other related packages) currently in jessie
>    implement this transition.
> ==OPTION A==
> Using its power under §6.1.5 to make statements:
> 3. The CTTE affirms the decision of the init system package
>    maintainers to transition to systemd by default on upgrades and to
>    install systemd by default on new installs.
> 4. The CTTE appreciates the effort of Debian contributors to mitigate
>    any issues with the transition by:
>    a) Providing a fallback boot entry for sysvinit when systemd is the
>    default init in grub (#757298)
>    b) Developing a mechanism to warn on inittab configurations which
>    are unsupported in systemd. (#761063)
>    c) Providing documentation on how to remain with sysvinit on
>    upgrades and switch to sysvinit upon installation.
>    d) Numerous bug reports and fixes by contributors who have tested
>    the systemd migration in their configurations.
> 5. The CTTE advises (without overriding any Debian contributor,
>    maintainer, or team) that any such mitigations should be included
>    in jessie, to ensure a smooth transition for Debian users.
> ==END==

I vote A > FD.

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