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Bug#766708: Processed: Re: Bug#766708: breaks multiarch cross building

On Wed, 19 Nov 2014, Ben Longbons wrote:
> The code I work on isn't packaged for Debian yet, but without having
> cross-compilers to play with, I will *never* be able to support
> anything other than x86-*.

Which suite are you currently using? I'm asking, because I want to know
whether actually just doing this for jessie is enough, or whether doing
this for unstable is enough, or whether we have to do it for jessie and
unstable and then get a complete, tested, multiarch procedure which
works in Debian which is acceptable to both porters and the gcc

> This is ludicrous, but it sounds like what the gcc maintainer is
> recommending.

Please try not to use language which escalates; calling something
ludicrous isn't helpful.

Don Armstrong                      http://www.donarmstrong.com

The game of science is, in principle, without end. He who decides one
day that scientific statements do not call for any further test, and
that they can be regarded as finally verified, retires from the game.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _The Logic of Scientific Discovery_ §11

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