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Bug#762194: automatic switching - two proposals

Here are two texts as I promised.  The first one (A) is just what Russ
and others said they would support.

The second, (B), is a longer text which invites technical proposals
for non-auto-changing but explicitly avoids interfering with the GR.
If we can get a majority for something like B I think it would be more

I hereby formally propose both versions.

If you would support something like B but only if it had some changes
to wording, please let me know ASAP.


===== text in version A and also version B =====

0. We offer advice and make our views known (Constitution 6.1(5):

1. The Technical Committee decision in February, selecting systemd as
   the default init system for Linux, should not be read as a decision
   that existing systems should be automatically switched to systemd.

===== text in version B only =====

2. We are currently sceptical about the idea that existing Debian
   GNU/Linux systems should be automatically switched to systemd.

3. We do not want to prejudge, interfere with, or contradict, the
   General Resolution process on init systems which is currently
   ongoing.  Some of the GR options imply that automatic switching
   (both during upgrades, and during leaf package installations) will
   be necessary in at least some circumstances.

4. For the moment, we invite concrete proposals for technical changes
   which would arrange that 1. new jessie installations using Linux
   would get systemd but 2. existing installations retain their
   existing init system so far as possible.

5. After the result of the General Resolution is known, we intend to
   formally resolve the question of automatic switching of init
   systems.  Our decision on that question will of course be
   consistent with the successful General Resolution option, whatever
   that may be.


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