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Next Debian CTTE meeting in #debian-ctte at date -d 'Thu Oct 30 2014 17:00 UTC'

The next Debian CTTE meeting is in #debian-ctte at

date -d 'Thu Oct 30 2014 17:00 UTC'

Note that this is an hour earlier in some places which have already done
the DST transition; next time we will be back on the usual schedule.

The current agenda is in git as usual.

Here's the task list from last meeting (some of which I also haven't
done yet):

Action Items
* Diziet to integrate text as asked by Matthew V
* Diziet to put resolution integrated text into git
* Diziet to draft casting vote to 3 options: change to 9 with casting,
  change to 9 without casting, FD
* diziet to draft a proposal
* diziet to draft a proposal (actually for this one; the previous was
* Diziet to draft TC election automatic trigger on new TC member, and
  manual trigger by another TC member ?
* dondelelcaro to finalize voting for #671418 and announce decision
* keithp to write up a ballot with iwj's content for that option, new
  content for 5) and my content for 6
* dondelelcaro to draft up initial points for sysvinit->systemd
  automatic upgrade question
* aba to propose a process to try out on #750135 Including the
  maintainer perhaps providing private response to us, and also perhaps
  an irc conversation

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