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Bug#765803: tech-ctte: Ask before changing init system when upgrading to jessie and Inform about init systems when installing jessie

[ I would usually add debian-boot@ in Cc so that my peers get into the
loop but let's not add extra noise. ]

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> (2014-10-18):
> Svante Signell <svante.signell@gmail.com> writes:
> > In summary, the CTTE is asked to make a decision on debconf warnings on:
> > 1) Changing init system on upgrades (including sid)
> > 2) Inform about alternate init systems for new installations
> For issue 1, I think it's clear that you're asking the CTTE to overrule a
> maintainer, which falls within our jurisdiction.
> For issue 2, I believe this is a question for debian-installer and the
> corresponding maintenance team.  Are you asking us to overrule a
> maintainer decision there?  If so, could you provide a pointer to the
> specific decision you're asking to overrule?  Or, if you're asking for us
> to do something else, like issue technical advice, could you point at the
> discussions you've had with the debian-installer team about this already?
> The default would be to defer to the debian-installer team and let them
> follow their normal decision-making processes, so for this to be a TC
> issue, I think we need some sign that process has failed in some way
> before 2 becomes actionable for us.

While it looks like a good idea to have proper documentation in the
release notes as far as the upgrade and a possible init switch are
concerned, I really fail to see why one would need to be "informed
about alternative init systems for new installations".

[A] If that means adding an extra prompt where most users will have
little to no clue as to what this question is about: no, such prompts
are very much not welcome in d-i, and this has been the case since I
first heard about d-i.

[B] If that means adding documentation in the installation guide, I
don't see why this specific topic would have to be covered there (and
translated in many languages).

Anyway, I think [A] was brought up various time (first with the
init-select thing and last occurrence was in [P] where someone
demanded we patched debootstrap to support preseeding another init
system, while preseeding another init system is possible already);
I don't recall a bug report against installation-guide about [B].

 P. https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2014/10/msg00290.html


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