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Bug#765803: tech-ctte: Ask before changing init system when upgrading to jessie and Inform about init systems when installing jessie

Clearly, the initsystem is by far, much more relevant than nano, vi, jre, mail, x-www-browser, etc... It is a big deal.

Item 2 is important. And not to only make popularity contest more fair... It should not only inform about alternate init systems, but also, give people the opportunity to chose between "sysvinit | systemd".

Just my two bitcents...      :-)


On 18 October 2014 19:56, Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org> wrote:
 ❦ 18 octobre 2014 13:32 +0200, Svante Signell <svante.signell@gmail.com> :

> In summary, the CTTE is asked to make a decision on debconf warnings on:
> 1) Changing init system on upgrades (including sid)
> 2) Inform about alternate init systems for new installations

2 is quite far-fetched. Why not a debconf warning to tell there are
alternatives to nano? And another one to tell there are alternatives to
bash? The installation will take several hours to let the user know
there are alternatives to almost any component.
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