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Bug#744246: We'll be waiting for Jessie release with build profiles

Control: reassign -1 dpkg

Dear all,

Helmut Grohne, Wookey, Matthias Klose, Aron Xu, Guillem Jover and myself have
been extensively discussing the current implementation of build profiles during
the Bootstrap Sprint in Paris. We discovered that the current proposal for
build profiles was insufficiently general and limits future possibilities.  In
agreement with Helmut and Guillem I hereby reassign this bugreport from
tech-ctte to dpkg to continue tracking the blocked bugs.

As agreed with Guillem, the changed build profile functionality will be in dpkg
soon, a patch for apt is ready and patches for other tools will be prepared as
well.  But having in mind that it is not long until Jessie is released, that we
do not want this issue to cause any friction with Debian teams due to the
involvement of the technical committee and because the revised build profile
implementation needs further testing, we'd like to wait with build profile
support until the Jessie release.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that our pushing of the original build
profile implementation has caused for the involved parties.

cheers, josch

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