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Bug#741573: Two menu systems

Cameron Norman <camerontnorman@gmail.com> writes:

> I believe the major aspect of .desktop files that makes them harder is the
> icon handling. Perhaps debian policy should instruct that a certain icon
> size must always be available in a particular format (e.g. 32x32 png) so
> that WMs do not have to handle so many corner cases in that area.

A window manager will need to handle resizing of icons in any case, and
it's pretty darn hard to pin down which sizes to require when so many
screen sizes and resolutions are in common use these days. Ideally, the
icon artwork is presumably coming from upstream and not constructed for
packaging purposes; that will naturally limit the icons to what is
provided, making mandating specific sizes somewhat impractical.

Of course, I would encourage application developers to provide .svg
icons instead of fixed sizes. That gives the window manager the
ability to present something good looking at any size.


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