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Bug#741573: Two menu systems

Charles Plessy writes ("Bug#741573: Two menu systems"):
> The underlying question is: who should spend the time writing these files and
> keeping them up to date ?

The answer is, whoever wants to.  In the first instance the maintainer
may choose to do so; if they don't, then it falls to those
contributors who care about the menu.

> In the case of missing manual pages, the policy (§ 12.1) does not require the
> package maintainer to write one.

12.1 says:

  | Each program, utility, and function should have an associated manual
  | page included in the same package.

Policy does not in general say who should do any particular piece of

> Therefore, I think that the “should” of §9.6, paragraph 2 should be relaxed.

I think we should use similar wording about trad menu entries to that
we use about manpages.  That means using "should" just as we do about


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