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Bug#741573: On menu systems. [and 1 more messages]

Matthias Klumpp writes ("Bug#741573: Two menu systems"):
> Regarding metadata, this is something other sources (e.g. DEP-11) can
> provide in a much better and less redundant way. What would be
> interesting to know is: Why would I want to launch non-GUI
> applications from a menu? Usually people working with these launch
> them from a Terminal.
> Can you provide a usecase for that, other than "it has always been this way"?

Matthew Vernon has already answered this question earlier in this

Matthew Vernon writes ("Bug#741573: On menu systems."):
> I'm rather non-plussed by the proposal to devalue the Debian Menu
> system. I use fvwm, and while for frequently-used apps I don't use the
> menu (instead launching them from particular keys), the Debian menu is
> how I both launch apps I use less frequently, and explore what I've
> got installed. Its comprehensive coverage means that if I'm not quite
> sure what application I want, I can have a bit of a browse and try
> things out. Any proposal that reduces the coverage of the Debian Menu
> seems a bad idea for me...


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