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Re: Four people decided the fate of debian with systemd. Bad faith likely

Re: Four people decided the fate of debian with systemd. Bad faith likely

Systemd is over 200,000 lines of ring0 running bullshit.
Regular inits are under 10k lines of code inclusive.
Some are 100 lines of code.

Hmm which is easier to find exploits in.

Notice how the fknuts always try to change the tables.
"It's YOU who are the shill!"
And always it is the same argument:
supercomplex softwares running as root are great!

When it's unaudited, even better!
(If we can't corrupt the kernel, build a new
less looked at "critical" piece of software

If there are shills, it's the systemd fans,
Notice the tone of their arguments are always the same
it's almost as if... they are the same person
or the same people are writing their "arguments"
(Which all mostly amount to simple proselytizing
or appeal to authority once they get their foot
in the door)

Here's an easy way for concurrent boot:

command1 & command2 & command3;
othercommand1 & othercommand2 & othercommand3;
thirdsetofcommands1 & thirdsetofcommands2 & thirdsetofcommands3;

You see what bullshit systemd is now?

(Nice gmail address scott, who do they work with, oh yes,
the US government, helping to enforce the US belief
system around the world, almost like it's a religion,
and those who don't obey the US belief system,
say those who don't join the economic or social fold
say by continuing to marry little girls and
not allowing pipelines and trainlines through their
land, well they and their families get drone bombed
in their houses. It's either the US way or death
or imprisonment. Everyone must obey.*)

Notice how one or two or three linux distros aren't enough
for the systemd people. They must have all eight of the
main linux distros under their belt or control.

One boat isn't enough for them. Two boats isn't enough for them.
They must have all the boats.

I wonder why. Easy: They want control. They want easy exploits.
They get it through tricks and exploiting the processes
of the distros. None of us got to vote on this

(and even if we did, if they stuff the ballots
with 51 percent, then we have to "shut up"
just like in American democracy. The 48 percent of the
population that is made up of men has to shut up because
the 52 percent of the population that is female
said no marrying young girls, no mouthing off to women
at work, no sex when you want with your wive(s) (RAPE!),
and yes, to mandatory forced schooling so this reign
continues and continues forever)

*(in response to my FG address)

On 02/03/14 11:28, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sun, 2014-03-02 at 10:55 +1100, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> Here's mine:-
>> troll elsewhere - try rabbleRus.org or LetMeTellUWhat2Do.mob
> :D
> We Arch users made a poll. Even if more users would have been against
> systemd, the developers would have switched to systemd, but most users
> wanted systemd. We, around 49% and me were against systemd, but around
> 51 % were pro systemd. Nowadays it makes live easier for all of us who
> use several different distros, when _all_ or at least the most important
> distros will switch to systemd. To discuss pros and cons of systemd a
> time machine is needed, to go back more than 3 years ago. To discuss it
> in 2014 is a little bit to late.

Same with Debian based on what I read, the vote was fairly evenly split,
which is why it went to the Technical Committee, who were also fairly
evenly split.

My concern is that it's a divisive issue that would be tempting for
third parties to exacerbate and exploit. Commercial software vendors,
and the companies that do their "marketing" and "public relation" might
want to take advantage of the situation to reduce the market share they
lose to Debian (and Linux as a whole). It wouldn't be that far from the
sort of dirty tactics they've employed in the past.
And then there's NSA (and the companies they outsource to) - they *do*
have an agenda that would be furthered by creating divisions and
uncertainty in Debian. They've made large investments in software hooked
to the existing init system - and while they'll have to retool to use
systemd it doesn't mean they have the same access required to replace
existing malware installations, additionally they would probably enjoy
seeing less people use Debian.

I'm not saying the OP is a shill/disinformation/agent provocateur - just
because it looks like a duck, paddles like a duck, and has it's head
hidden, doesn't mean it is a duck. Could be just a decoy.

Even though the spooks do like the French Guinea TLD and get their
scripts from PsyOps... just a thought, probably paranoia on my part.

Kind regards


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