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Bug#636783: TC constitutional issues

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

>  * 2:1 supermajority for TC overrides should be abolished (seems
>    we are probably agreed on this - speak now if not)

I'm fine with this.

>  * FD threshold needs to be >= always, not >.  Requirement to get
>    >> 4/8 voting X > FD was exploitable and bad news.

There have been other suggestions about how to change our voting system
that might have the same effect.  I don't consider myself an expert
here, just pointing out that there may be some fix other than >= that
we should consider.  

>  * Possible minimum discussion period for TC resolutions.

I'd prefer this not change.  The circumstances that led to my recent use
of no-wait CFVs was extremely unusual, and in the past we've used this
ability to quickly come to closure on issues where there was strong
consensus.  However, if others on the TC also want to impose a
(reasonably short) minimum discussion period, I guess I'm ok with it.


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