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Bug#727708: init system coupling etc.

Lucas Nussbaum writes ("Bug#727708: init system coupling etc."):
> If you really want to have that discussion now, rather than wait for
> actual, concrete problems to discuss, I'd suggest that you build a few
> hypothetical scenarios, and discuss them. And then build a resolution
> that represents the aggregated opinions on those few hypothetical
> scenarios.

I think there is one key hypothetical scenario, and it is the one
alluded to in Adrian Bunk's recent message:

] One of the Debian GNOME maintainers has stated in this discussion[1]:
]>  But there are no realistic solutions for having GNOME support multiple 
]>   init systems in jessie.
] Whether that's actually true is another question, but a maintainer 
] speaking like this clearly shows that it is not only a theoretical
] question.

I don't find Sjoerd Simons's comments very reassuring.  In the context
of the whole discussion I think Adrian's interpretation is much more
likely to reflect the true sentiment.

The question in that context is this: if GNOME upstream say that GNOME
will only work with systemd, or the Debian GNOME maintainers say that
Debian's GNOME packages will only work with systemd, is that
acceptable ?

Do you think it would be better to deal with that hypothetical case
explicitly ?

> But I also don't really understand why there's a particular urgency
> for the TC to rule on that. Are there packages with tight coupling
> already in the archive?

AIUI GNOME in sid right now can't lock the screen unless you're using


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