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Taking a few days' holiday from the TC

Following my most recent emails, three separate well-meaning people
have suggested that perhaps I should step away from the computer for a

One correspondent said it looked like I had "gone postal".  It is true
that I am absolutely furious.  Livid.  I can't describe in words how
angry I am.  I feel like my trust, and my scrupulous attention to the
proper processes, have been entirely betrayed.

This is probably a poor state to be doing anything in.  So sorry if I
have made a mess.  I'm going to step away from the TC now for a few

I'm going to configure my email filter to discard email where the TC
list is in the headers.  So if you want me to see your reply, please
send it just to me.

Bdale, please do not send me any email.


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