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Bug#727708: Call for votes on init system resolution

Keith Packard wrote:
> I believe that votes cast in the last ballot demonstrate a unanimous
> agreement that the answer for this package dependency question does not
> in any way depend on which init system is the default, and so this
> question could be resolved separately, with the question originally
> brought to the ctte resolved in another vote.
> I also think this vote can be represented by two (or maybe three) choices:
>  1) The ctte takes no position on this issue at this time.
>  2) Packages may depend on new init features, but those must be stated
>     as virtual dependencies which can be satisfied by any init system
> and/or
>  3) Packages must work with all init systems, potentially with reduced
>     functionality
> Please read all of these as referring to more complete language already
> present in this bug report, and not as an attempt to rewrite the
> proposed options.

I assume option 1 is intended to represent the status quo, in which
there is no prohibition on depending directly on an init system?  That
seems like it should be stated explicitly, even if only in clarifying
text, since at first I wondered why there wasn't an equivalent of option
2 without the requirement for virtual dependencies, before realizing
that this is already permitted and the TC need only refrain from adding

- Josh Triplett

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