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Bug#727708: Please clarify L options with regard to interfaces [and 1 more messages]

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sam Hartman writes ("Bug#727708: Please clarify L options with regard to interfaces"):
>> I'm sorry, I missed the message that was a direct reply to me.
>> I now understand Ian's position to mean that we must not require users
>> to select a certain  init system for things to work.

> Precisely.

Which is essentially "We must not allow anyone to use features of Systemd that Upstart does not have". I would argue that this is to effectively make adopting Systemd (partially) pointless and strikes me as a NIH strop.

>> Sorry for the extra message and for reading out-of-order

> Are you now happy that with the meaning of L is clear enough ?

Yes you have made your intentions quite clear.

Regards, Paul

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