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Bug#727708: init system formal proposal (round 3)

Ian Jackson writes ("Bug#727708: init system decision timetable"):
>  * Some TC member formally proposes some set of L options.  This
>    should be the staunchest proponent of L, which I think is probably
>    me.  That starts the constitutional discussion period.

I therefore hereby propose the options UL,DL,OL,VL and GR
from the resolution text below.

As the proponent of *L I am acting as a committed advocate of
diversity and loose coupling.  I'm open to clarifications and
improvements but will resist dilution.

As the proponent of GR I will act as a neutral steward to try to
achieve the best wording.


(Text below is from the git repo with the T dependencies rider
deleted.  I'm expecting Russ to propose some set of T option(s) with a
text of his choosing.  If the T text Russ writes isn't what is in git,
I will transfer it there.)

== introduction (all versions except GR) ==

   We exercise our powers to set technical policy (Constitution 6.1.1)
   and decide in cases of overlapping jurisdiction (6.1.2):

== version D (systemD) ==

   The default init system for Linux architectures in jessie should
   be systemd.

== version U (Upstart) ==

   The default init system for Linux architectures in jessie should
   be upstart.

== version O (Openrc) ==

   The default init system for Linux architectures in jessie should
   be openrc.

== version V (sysVinit) ==

   The default init system for Linux architectures in jessie should
   be sysvinit (no change).

== version GR (General Resolution) ==

   The Technical Committee requests that the project decide the
   default init system for jessie by means of General Resolution.

   (This is advice, pursuant to Constitution 6.1.5.)

== clarification text for all versions except GR ==

   This decision is limited to selecting a default initsystem for
   jessie.  We expect that Debian will continue to support multiple
   init systems for the foreseeable future; we continue to welcome
   contributions of support for all init systems.

   Therefore, for jessie and later releases:

== dependencies rider version L (Loose coupling) ==

   Software outside of an init system's implementation may not require
   a specific init system to be pid 1, although degraded operation is

   Maintainers are encouraged to accept technically sound patches
   to enable improved interoperation with various init systems.

== rider for all versions except GR ==

   If the project passes (before the release of jessie) by a General
   Resolution, a "position statement about issues of the day", on the
   subject of init systems, the views expressed in that position
   statement entirely replace the substance of this TC resolution; the
   TC hereby adopts any such position statement as its own decision.

   Such a position statement could, for example, use these words:

      The Project requests (as a position statement under s4.1.5 of the
      Constitution) that the TC reconsider, and requests that the TC
      would instead decide as follows:

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