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Bug#727708: I'd like to voice my opinion

El Thu, 6 de Feb 2014 a las 7:41 PM, Schlacta, Christ <aarcane@aarcane.org> escribió:
I'd like to request that upstart be chosen over systemd mainly because there's already a large availability of deb packages that support init mainly due to ubuntu.  Ubuntu acts as a gateway distro to the debian universe, and is a basis upon which numerous other distros are based as well.

As such, a lot of packages are developed for ubuntu instead of debian.  Making upstart the default init package allows for compatibility with the majority of these ubuntu specific packages.

Furthermore, I know upstart is capable of maintaining backward compatibility with systemvinit scripts as debian implements them currently.

Hello Christ.

systemd proponents have been hard at work in getting systemd units packaged up and installed. Just load up Sid to see how many there are. Furthermore, systemd supports sysv scripts just like Upstart (actually, they are integrated into systemd's dependency chain, so the implementation is better in that way).

I understand that you had the best of faith in writing this, but I assure you that the availability of init configurations will not be a problem for systemd, Upstart, or OpenRC (OpenRC supports sysv scripts).

That said, Upstart could be a good choice because of the number of desktop environments that have their main focus as Ubuntu (Pantheon, Cinnamon, MATE) and could be encouraged to adopt Upstart as a session init if Debian goes with it. The same could be said of systemd, though (with GNOME and KDE instead of Pantheon and Cinnamon), though.

Have a great day,

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