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Bug#727708: multiple init systems: We have to see it for what it is: Lennart/Linux OS.

We have to see it for what it is. Lennart Pottering and his acolytes
who work within other projects are essentially forking Gnu/Linux and
are creating LennartOS.

What should be done is to follow their often spoken refrain: fork
every project that relies on systemd, xyzkit, LennartStuff:
create X.org-concrete (if they go the Lennart way (there's a patch now!))
KDE-concrete, Gnome2 Gnome3-concrete. Security fixes would be
applied, as-well as legitimate bug fixes (all these are often
one to three liners). Otherwise the software would mostly retain
its form. Something familiar, mature, stable.

Remember: Software is much more an art form than a science. The way
it interacts is a choice not a foregone conclusion.

Lennart and his followers use the fallacy that software is a
science to bully all of us into following their direction.

A fork of (all but) linux is need now, it's already happening
on Lennart's Side. We had better meet them in kind and protect our
software system or be subsumed.

*Those who want lennartOS could install package-lennart.
**Those who want Gnu/Linux would install package or package-concrete.
***When positions are irreconcilable, and paths diverge, a fork is necessary.
***This is the case here. We need not our universe to be pulled out from
***under us. We don't need conquering to the Lennart Way, just as the men
***of pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, appaplachia, japan, do not need conquering
***to the UK/american way.

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