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Bug#727708: On diversity

Have you think in having a Systemd team in Debian taking care of
providing support for its packages? That way, people should be able to
run it in some weeks and, as soon as existing init.d files are not
dropped, people won't lose support for that (apart of the cases like
GNOME that needs systemd running to work better)

That is the way we went on Gentoo and looks to work well: we started
from openRC only setup, when we needed better systemd support along our
portage tree due Gnome 3.8 requirements, we (Gentoo systemd team)
started to work in adding systemd support and unit files to our
packages, that way, our maintainers weren't forced to run systemd to
test their unit files work fine and test both systems themselves.

We now have a working Systemd setup and, for our BSD ports, people still
have openRC support (even not being able to run all features of GNOME
but... much more cannot be done on that since
http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/desktop/gnome/openrc-settingsd.xml isn't
enough to not lose any features since 3.8)

>From my perspective, I would support both setups: systemd (due it being
required by more upstreams along the time, and, *in my personal
opinion*, I think it works pretty well) and another one for BSDs and
people hating so much Systemd (I would choose openRC... but since I come
from Gentoo and know about it more than about upstart... ;))

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