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Bug#727708: Thoughts/Summary on the init-system

On 2014-01-19 Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> wrote:
> On the linux ports, all would work. On the kbsd ports I believe that both
> upstart and openrc could be working, but none is yet. For hurd, at least
> openrc could and probably also upstart.
> Porting systemd to kbsd or hurd is not realistic from what I understood
> I don't believe that it would work long-term if we use systemd on Linux and
> upstart on !Linux. 
> All of that together boils down to these options for the default
> pid1-provider / runlevel manager (perhaps after some more porting in this
> cycle):
> 1. Systemd on Linux, openrc/sysv-rc on non-Linux
> 2. Upstart everywhere
> (3. openrc/sysv-rc everywhere - as both systemd and upstart are
> better, I don't think this ends high enough on my priority list; see
> below for details)
> Now, putting that all together, from the options above "systemd for Linux,
> openrc/sysv-rc for !linux" or "upstart everywhere" I prefer the upstart
> choice. Reasons for this see many details above, supporting all the
> required features, not as invasive in the debian system, saving us to
> integrate more than one init system reasonably well etc.


could you provide a little bit of background why you consider both
"Systemd on Linux, openrc/sysv-rc on non-Linux" and "Upstart
everywhere" viable long-term but not "systemd on Linux  and upstart on

thanks, cu Andreas
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