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Bug#727708: Init system resolution open questions

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 12:51:48PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Adrian Bunk writes ("Re: Bug#727708: Init system resolution open questions"):
> > (Only as a PM since I am repeating myself.)
> Thanks for your mail.  I think it deserves wider consideration.
> > One question you should consider adding:
> > 
> > * What switching between init systems has to be supported?
> >   Should it be possible for the user to switch from one supported init 
> >   system to another supported init system at any point (it is OK if that 
> >   requires a reboot), or is it acceptable if that is not possible in all 
> >   cases or even not at all?
> It seems obvious to me that if multiple ones are supported that there
> has to be some way to get from using one to using a different one.  So
> the question is more one of how difficult it is.

If it is clear for you that this is a requirement, please state it 
explicitely for the "multiple init systems supported" option:

 * Any supported init system must support switching a running system
   from any other supported init system to this init system, as well
   as switching a running system from this init system to any other
   supported init system. This switch is expected to require a reboot.

> Thanks,
> Ian.



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