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Bug#727708: init system discussion status

Josh Triplett writes ("Bug#727708: init system discussion status"):
> I don't subscribe to debian-ctte@; I read it via the list archives.
> I've been replying using the "Reply to:" links at the bottom of mails,
> and then manually copying and quoting the responses.  Those links reply
> to debian-ctte@lists.debian.org, so unless I manually edit the
> destination (which I've done in a few cases where the destination was a
> bug report), it ends up going to the list.
> It'd be nice if those links paid attention to the
> To/Cc/Reply-To/Mail-Followup-To addresses, and otherwise acted like
> hitting the reply key in a mail client.  I'd also add my voice to the
> set of people who have requested mbox archives in the past.

mbox archives of bugs are available, if that's any use.


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