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Bug#727708: upstart and upgrading from sysvinit scripts

On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 05:24:57PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:

> I'll have more to say about the relative merits of the two init systems
> later, but one thing I wanted to not briefly: this exercise was extremely
> valuable in helping me get a more realistic picture of both init systems.
> I had gone into this exercise with the vague impression that they were
> roughly at feature parity, and now realize that is not the case.

> My impression now is that systemd's init and service management component
> is a substantially more mature piece of software.  That's an odd thing to
> say given that upstart is older, but systemd has the feel of software
> that's been tested against a wide variety of different situations and has
> had the necessary adaptations and configuration added to meet those needs.
> In some cases, that's "simply" additional features; in some cases, that's
> more comprehensive and more scalable design.  The socket activation system
> in particular is night and day between the two systems.

So to respond specifically to this point about the "night and day"
difference between the socket-based activation systems: yes, upstart
upstream has not invested in fleshing out its socket-based activation
support, because earlier investigations led us to believe that socket-based
activation is a red herring that will never deliver the promised benefits.

The feature was made available for those who might prefer to start their
services without the need for writing socket-handling code; but in my
estimation, the flaws wrt system startup (which as far as I can see also
affect the systemd implementation) make it altogether unsuitable for any
services you're expecting to have started at boot, and we have deliberately
avoided its use in Ubuntu.

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