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Bug#727708: Value of reading other's position statements [was: systemd vs. whatever]

On Fri, Nov 01, 2013 at 04:31:30PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Miroslaw Baran writes ("Bug#727708: Value of reading other's position statements [was: systemd vs. whatever]"):
> > You wrote:
> > > One non-feature of upstart which I happen to care strongly about is its
> > > use of ptrace(2) to figure out what a job is doing. This destroys any
> > > attempt to just use "strace foo" as the job, if one really needs to
> > > figure out what a piece of software is doing wrong. Thanks but no
> > > thanks.

> > Let me allow to quote the upstart's position statement:

> I have to say that I think that if we were to suggest that packages
> should supply upstart configs, this should be done by having the
> packages use the SIGSTOP protocol, not by having init ptrace them.

> Using ptrace like this is a trick one would use if one didn't have the
> source code.

I agree.  It would still require some fiddling to make 'expect stop' work
together with strace anyway, since upstart only cares about SIGSTOP raised
by upstart's child process, not by the grandchild; so if you actually need
upstart to know non-racily when the service is started you would need the
process under trace to SIGSTOP its own parent.  Not elegant, but possible.

Or if you don't need to worry about a non-racy startup for the service
you're testing, just omit the 'expect' stanza entirely.

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