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Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

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Hi there!

I've been asked to write about OpenRC here. I'm a bit reluctant to do
it, but feel that it's my duty as I've been mentoring the OpenRC GSoC
project this summer.

Well, it's been a month the OpenRC package is waiting in the FTP NEW
queue (after a successful GSoC project), so it's a bit silly to tell
about something which isn't even in Debian yet... Though if anyone wants
to test it, it's in /git/collab-maint/openrc.git on Alioth.

Anyway, the main point of OpenRC, IMO, is that it can work on non-linux
platforms. But at this point, it is hard to make a case for it, since
the porting work (well, I should rather say the no-FTBFS work... as it
should be only a mater of configuring the build environment) hasn't been
done yet. :(

Note that OpenRC already works on some (non-Debian) BSD platforms, and
that it should be trivial to have it to build on kFreeBSD and Hurd,
though I didn't (and probably wont in the next few weeks/months, due to
professional duties and personal events) have time to work on this.
Though when this is done, OpenRC will be a drop-in replacement, with
normally very little trouble to take care of. I of course welcome anyone
to work on these ports.

With a bit more goodies than with sysv-rc (for example, cgroups support
for the platforms who supports it), OpenRC can be seen as an evolution
of it, with more features.

As for my own opinion on #727708, I'd like the tech committee to decide
we *must* continue to support something that works on kFreeBSD and Hurd
(either sysv-rc, or OpenRC when it's fully working on all arch) as a
requirement in the Debian policy, at least if we don't have an upstart
working port for Hurd / kFreeBSD (if this ever happens).

It is to be noted that it's Systemd upstream opinion as well that Debian
has no choice but to support something else than Systemd (sysv-rc,
OpenRC,...) scripts for platforms which wont ever be supported by
Systemd (I discussed about that with Lennart during Debconf).

Even if there's no such a decision from the tech-ctte, some ways of
starting daemons must be done for the non-linux Debian archs. And OpenRC
could be adopted for them (in the absence of Upstart / Systemd), to
simplify writing of these init scripts and bring more features. So,
whatever the tech-ctte decides, OpenRC, in my opinion, makes sense! :)

I also would like to wish good luck to the tech-ctte. Whatever you will
decide, I will support it. I wouldn't like to be in your seats, and I
hope everyone will also support your final decision.

Hoping that the work on OpenRC will be useful for Debian,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)
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