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Bug#717076: tech-ctte: Decide what jpeg library the Debian project will use

On Thu, 25 Jul 2013, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> I have been using the compat mode in LJT since Debian squeeze. As
> part of upstream X2Go I build packages just like the one in Debian
> but with compat mode enabled. The packages (still 1.2.90) can be
> obtained from
>  deb http://packages.x2go.org/debian wheezy main heuler
> or with dget [1].

This is a good start. However, the package should also build libjpeg-dev
or whatever is appropriate so that the transition can be completely
tested. It would also be good to have all of the packages which depend
on libjpeg-dev built with this transition package, and a select few
tested without being rebuilt.[1]
Finally, what is the status of upstream supporting SmartScale?

What are the downsides of Debian not supporting it? [Does Debian ship
any images which use it?]

1: You're probably already doing this, but details on the packages which
are known to work, and any which have problems would be important to

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