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Bug#717076: tech-ctte: Decide what jpeg library the Debian project will use

On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 at 16:08:33 +0200, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> I think we can use the libjpeg8 compatibility layer of libjpeg-turbo.
> Although I am not sure if it is really needed as there was only one
> package needing new API from libjpeg8 I have heard and that should be
> trivial to fix.

That package might have been ioquake3, which needs the jpeg_mem_src from
libjpeg8 (I think it was actually added in libjpeg7) to allow decoding
JPEGs from a memory buffer instead of a libc FILE*. I suspect that's
a somewhat common use-case, and it isn't part of the libjpeg62 ABI
(although it's orthogonal to the more controversial file-format-related
changes, and could easily have been added to the libjpeg6 series).

Upstream's solution was to bundle libjpeg-6b plus a copy of the memory source,
then later to upgrade their bundled libjpeg to libjpeg-8c. Debian's solution
was to use upstreams' embedded code copy of libjpeg (yes I know that's bad),
then to use upstream's bundled memory source but not the rest of the embedded
code copy, then finally to switch to libjpeg8. See

We could go back to using an embedded code copy of jpeg_mem_src if we really
need to, but, ugh.


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