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Bug#688772: Call for votes for resolving #688772 [gnome Depends network-manager-gnome]

Assuming I've done everything properly:

BACF don
CBFA rra
BCFA vorlon
ABCF ian
CBAF bdale
BCAF aba
BACF cjwatson

option A:F 5:2; does not beat majority requirements.
option B:F 7:0; beats majority requirements
option C:F 7:0; beats majority requirements

B:C 5:2
B:F 7:0
C:F 7:0

Option B is the winner.

Therefore the CTTE resolves:

=== START ===

1. The TC notes the decision of the meta-gnome maintainers to
   implement the TC decision in #681834 by:
    (a) softening the dependency in the gnome-core metapackage
        from Depends to Recommends, as required
    (b) adding a new dependency in the gnome metapackage,
        as a Depends.  (In squeeze, this is where the dependency
        was, but it was a Recommends.)

2. Our intent, as stated in the rationale section of our previous
   decision (#681834, paras 3 and 5), is that squeeze users who have
   gnome installed but not network-manager do not find that
   network-manager becomes installed when they upgrade to wheezy.

3. A Recommends from gnome to network-manager-gnome would serve no
   purpose in wheezy as gnome Depends on gnome-core which already
   Recommends network-manager-gnome.


4. We overrule the decision of the meta-gnome maintainers to add a
   dependency from gnome to network-manager-gnome; this dependency
   should be removed. If in the opinion of the NM maintainer (and
   before the release of wheezy the Chair of the Technical Committee
   or an individual delegated by the Chair in consultation with the
   Release Team) the concerns raised in §4 of the CTTE decision
   #681834 have been addressed through technical means (e.g. by
   preventing the starting of NM as discussed in #688772), the
   meta-gnome maintainers may freely adjust the dependencies as
   Specifically, valid bugs where existing valid network
   configurations are broken by the automatic, required installation
   on system upgrade of packages not previously installed which
   perform network configuration on should have severity serious.

5. We request that the Release Team unblock update(s) to meta-gnome so
   that our decisions may be implemented in wheezy.

6. We request that a release note is created explaining that gnome
   users who do not currently have NM installed consider installing

=== STOP ===

By the time you read this, I should have updated the decision file in
the git repository. Please feel free to make changes to that before I
send out the announcement today or tomorrow.

I will also file a new bug against the gnome meta package with the
resolution when I publish the announcement.

Don Armstrong

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