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Re: Next CTTE meeting date -d 'Nov 29 2012 18:00:00 UTC'

On Thu, 29 Nov 2012, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Don Armstrong writes ("Next CTTE meeting date -d 'Nov 29 2012 18:00:00 UTC'"):
> > This is a reminder that the next CTTE meeting is at 
> > date -d 'Nov 29 2012 18:00:00 UTC'
> Russ and I turned up. Steve was present but said he wasn't expecting
> to be in a mode to usefully contribute. We thought that this was
> insufficient for a useful meeting and in the absence of anyone else
> we abandoned the meeting at 18:10.

Yeah, sorry about that. Something in the campus network has gotten
screwed here, and I ended up not being able to connect until now.

Don Armstrong

The game of science is, in principle, without end. He who decides one
day that scientific statements do not call for any further test, and
that they can be regarded as finally verified, retires from the game.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _The Logic of Scientific Discovery_ §11

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